In my research I mainly focus on voter and party behavior, the explanation of political attitudes and attitudes towards political representation in different contexts.

I am particularly interested in explaining voting behavior and political attitudes. On the one hand, I analyze the effect of populism on voting behavior on the national as well as local level. On the other hand, I focus on explaining voters‘ political attitudes towards political representation. Further, I am interested in the success of Independent Local Lists (Kommunale Wählergemeinschaften) on the local level, where I focus on the impact of populist parties on the success of ILL. In this context, I also engage with the attitudes towards representation and behavior of Independent Local Lists‘ candidates and voters.


4. Juen, Christina-Marie, Michael Jankowski, Robert A. Huber, Torren Frank, Leena Maas and Markus Tepe (2021). Who wants COVID-19 Vaccination to be Compulsory? The Impact of Party Cues, Left-Right Ideology and Populism, in: Politics, online first.

3. Juen, Christina-Marie, Markus Tepe and Michael Jankowski (2021). Abstiegserfahrungen in der Kommune und der Aufstieg Unabhängiger Wählergemeinschaften. Neue Befunde aus einem Mehrebenen-Kommunalwahlpanel. in: Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen, 52/1, 59-77.

2. Jankowski, Michael, Christina-Marie Juen and Markus Tepe (2020). The Impact of Anti-Establishment Parties on the Electoral Success of Independent Local Lists. Evidence from Germany, in: Party Politicsonline first.

1. Jankowski, Michael, Christina-Marie Juen, Florian Erlbruch und Markus Tepe (2019). NieKom. Eine neue Datenbasis für die kommunale Wahl- und Policyforschung in Niedersachsen, in: dms – der moderne staat, 12/2, 465-471.

Under Review:

  1. Populist Parties and the two-dimensional Policy Space (with Robert A. Huber and Michael Jankowski)
  2. Turning a blind eye on the black sheep: When are voters loyal to corrupt politicians? (with Michael Jankowski and Marcel Lewandowsky)
  3. Political Trust and Populism: The Impact of Government Participation
  4. Populist Attitudes and Voting for Independent Local Lists: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment (with Michael Jankowski and Markus Tepe)

Current Projects:

  1. The Impact of Gender Quotas on Female Candidate Mobilization (with Michael Jankowski)
  2. Preferences towards Gender Quotas: Experimental Evidence from Germany (with Michael Jankowski and Markus Tepe)
  3. Coalition Preferences of Green Party Voters (with Michael Jankowski, Martin Gross and Florian Erlbruch)
  4. VAA-Users‘ Information Behavior (with Christian Stecker and Michael Jankowski)
  5. Gender Stereotyping and Support for Gender Quota Implementation (with Michael Jankowski)

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