In my research I am mainly interested in analyzing political behavior and political attitudes on the national as well as local level. My research focuses on the explanation of voter‘ preferences regarding certain policies and political representation in different contexts. Additionally, I am interested in analyzing voters‘ candidate choice in elections. On the local level, I am particularly interested in the success of Independent Local Lists (ILL). Thereby I focus on the supply and demand side factors of ILL success and particularly on the impact of populist attitudes on ILL support among voters.


6. Populist Parties and the Two-Dimensional Policy Space. Online first. European Journal of Political Research (with Robert A. Huber and Michael Jankowski)

5. Turning a blind eye on the black sheep. When are voters loyal to corrupt politicians?Online First. Acta Politica (with Michael Jankowski and Marcel Lewandowsky)

4. Who wants COVID-19 Vaccination to be Compulsory? The Impact of Party Cues, Left-Right Ideology and Populism. Online first. Politics (with Michael Jankowski, Robert A. Huber, Torren Frank, Leena Maas and Markus Tepe)

3. Abstiegserfahrungen in der Kommune und der Aufstieg Unabhängiger Wählergemeinschaften. Neue Befunde aus einem Mehrebenen-Kommunalwahlpanel. 2021. Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen. 52(1), 59-77 (with Markus Tepe and Michael Jankowski)

2. The Impact of Anti-Establishment Parties on the Electoral Success of Independent Local Lists. Evidence from Germany. 2022. Party Politics. 28(1), 127-136 (with Michael Jankowski and Markus Tepe)

1. NieKom. Eine neue Datenbasis für die kommunale Wahl- und Policyforschung in Niedersachsen. 2019. dms – der moderne staat. 12(2), 465-471 (with Michael Jankowski, Markus Tepe and Florian Erlbruch)

Under Review:

  1. Coalition Preferences of Green Party Voters (with Michael Jankowski, Martin Gross and Florian Erlbruch)
  2. Political Trust and Populism: The Impact of Government Participation
  3. The Impact of Gender Quotas on Female Candidate Mobilization (with Michael Jankowski)
  4. Preferences towards Gender Quotas: Experimental Evidence from Germany (with Michael Jankowski and Markus Tepe)

Current Projects:

  1. VAA-Users‘ Information Behavior (with Christian Stecker and Michael Jankowski)
  2. Gender Identity, Sex and Voting for Radical Right Parties
  3. The non-binary gender gap (with Thilo Dieing and Christian Stecker)

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